Our Sustainable Property Casa trankilo

To handle our planet and environment with care, is important to our family. At Casa Trankilo sustainability and comfort are a perfect match. Our solar water heaters provide hot water. Solar panels on the roof provide our full accommodation at daytime with electricity. With a large underground rainwater storage, we water the plants. For transportation to and from the airport we use a Toyota Prius wagon (emission <100 gr. CO2 Guests can also rent an eco-friendly Toyota Prius. The tough scaffold wooden furniture we made from used wood. Waste is collected separately wherever possible.

Sustainability in Bonaire
The population of Bonaire has long been engaged in nature conservation. Finding a good balance between growth and environmental protection is very important. For example, a great initiative is the cooperation with the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF). It breeds new corals in order to maintain the diversity of the reef. So in the future everyone can continue to enjoy a rich underwater world. Additionally, Bonaire pays attention to sustainable tourism and, more and more initiatives to compensate the effects of CO2 emissions.

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