About us

Relaxed, comfortable and a beautiful location

With our close family: Alexander, Sabrina and two children Evie (7 years) and Thomas (4 years), we started a new adventure in early 2017: receiving guests at B&B CasaTtrankilo and move to Bonaire. We all like the outdoor life, sun and water sports. We now live at a beautiful place in the center of Kralendijk where we can enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Within the walls of a former small supermarket rises our B&B with five beautiful and comfortable apartments. We now fill in our lives the way we like it the most: to ensure that people enjoy a fantastic holiday!

Our working lives in the Netherlands we spent at the office, Alexander as accountmanager and Sabrina as a communications consultant. A few years back we got a strong feeling that we wanted to live a different life. Be more at home for the children, live outside year-round and start a business.

“It would have to feel at home”
We enjoy working with people a lot and want make people feel at home. When we detailed our plans it became clear that we find it important that people feel at ease, just like at home. We want to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere where people can meet each other or enjoy their privacy.

What do our guests find important?
When filling out the plans we have always thought: How can we ensure that people have a really good holiday? Here we have remained close to ourselves; what we – as experienced travelers – find important? Stay in a comfortable and clean room where quality materials have been used. And a good night’s sleep, so: good and large beds, well soundproofed bedroom, and thick curtains. With its own porch, a pool and nearby restaurants and shops.

For both of us it was also clear that sustainability should get a place. We like nature and the environment is important for ourselves and also for our children and (maybe later) grandchildren. Anything you can do to make the world a little bit better, helps. That is why we have chosen to heat the water for the entire property with solar water heaters. The property is equipped with a very large underground water tank for irrigating the garden. We also drive hybrid cars.

Why Bonaire?
In our search for the perfect place soon the Netherlands Antilles seemed to be an option. We find the islands beautiful, with lots of beautiful scenery and many opportunities for water sports. Bonaire is considered to be the little sister of Curacao, quieter and more relaxed, with small-scale accommodations and plenty of opportunities for windsurfing, diving and snorkelling. Plus the fact that it is a special municipality of the Netherlands providing quality care and education at a good level.

When we were back on Bonaire and had the opportunity to purchase a property with a large garden, at a superb location, we were able to make our dream come true. Casa Trankilo (Papiamento for: relaxed house) was born! The former shop with house needed a thorough renovation. Fortunately, we can now say that Casa Trankilo has become what we expected and even more. Time for the next step, you’re welcome to visit us from september 10th!

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