Top surfing location

Bonaire is globally a superb location for windsurfing. Bay Lac Bay has ideal conditions: warm weather, a steady onshore trade wind and a very extensive shallow inland sea make this a unique place.

Chilling and surfing
You can take lessons, rent good quality material or relax on the beach beds with the beach club. Every Thursday they have live music and a beach barbecue. From February to August (high-wind season) the conditions for windsurfing are the best. In these months, an average wind speed of 15 knots is measured with a maximum of 30 knots.

Lac Bay is also part of the annual PWA tour (Professional Windsurfing Association tour). This is an international windsurfing competition with different disciplines such as; Wave, Freestyle and Slalom.

Nature tag for divers
The whole underwater world of Bonaire is part of a protected marine park, under the supervision and management of the Stinapa foundation. This makes Bonaire is a diving paradise. To keep this, everyone that enjoys water sport at Bonaire, is required to pay a small amount for a ‘nature tag’ that benefits Stinapa. With this tag you also get a discount on the entry to Washington Slagbaai. In this national park you can enjoy nature,for example at Boca Slagbaai with a beautiful bay for sunbathing, snorkeling or diving.

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