The best kitesurfing beach

The ideal place to practice kitesurfing is Atlantis Beach in the southwest, or Kite Beach. With a constant northeast wind between 15 and 25 knots, the crystal clear water is always 28 ° C.

Take kitesurfing lessons
Kitesurfing can be done throughout the year but the best time is between February and July. Kitesurfing around Bonaire is allowed almost anywhere, if you remain in the dark (deep) water. Near the coast in light blue and shallow water, kitesurfing is forbidden, except for Atlantis Beach. You’ll also find two kitesurfing schools: Kiteboarding Bonaire and Bonaire Kite School. They offer lessons for all levels, equipment rental and you can buy your own equipment or to do repairs. The Kite bus provides you with a cold drink and the organise barbecues on a regular base.

Nature tag for divers
The whole underwater world of Bonaire is part of a protected marine park, under the supervision and management of the Stinapa foundation. This makes Bonaire is a diving paradise. To keep this, everyone that enjoys water sport at Bonaire, is required to pay a small amount for a ‘nature tag’ that benefits Stinapa. With this tag you also get a discount on the entry to Washington Slagbaai. In this national park you can enjoy nature,for example at Boca Slagbaai with a beautiful bay for sunbathing, snorkeling or diving.

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