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Bonaire offers a fantastic nature! Besides the underwater life there are many things to do on the island. Besides relaxing on beaches, it is fun to discover the nature and culture of Bonaire by car, motorcycle or scooter.

National Park
National Park Washington Slagbaai is a unique nature reserve where you can enjoy all kinds of animals and beautiful scenery. Flamingos and iguanas come here in large numbers, and you can spot parrots and other rare birds. The park can be visited by car, bike or by foot and tours are offered. You pay a small contribution for the preservation of the park.

Take a trip to the mangrove forests where many fish and birds live, also known as the breeding ground for marine life in the Caribbean Sea. Rent a canoe or join a kayak tour to discover the beauty of the mangrove.

Lac Cai
A secluded but beautiful bay that you can achieve by a dirt road: Lac Cai. Next to the beautiful beach you will find huge mountains of empty karko-shells. These shells are now protected. Lac Cai is also a popular meeting place for the local population Bonaire. Every Sunday whole families gather at the beach Cai and enjoy themselves with local music, dance, beer, rum and snacks. A good spot to swim with sea turtles!

Bonaire has many beautiful small beaches. A very nice sandy beach you will find close to the airport. Coco beach and Spice beach club are also nico to relax. At this public beaches you can rent beds, have a nice meal with some drinks and snorkeling is great here. A lovely place to watch the sunset! And don’t forget about Small Bonaire. You can get there by water taxi and it is a real paradise! The National Park Washington Slagbaai has several quiet and beautiful beaches. At Lac bay (windsurfing spot), you find a truly beautiful place to hang out. You can go into the water but it is very shallow.

Donkey sanctuary
As long ago the Spaniards arrived, they brought a new specie: donkeys. For centuries they were used for transportation. Then they roamed freely across the island. In 1993, the Dutch Marina Melis and her husband Ed Koopman Bonaire founded a sanctuary for sick, injured and orphaned donkeys: Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. At Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire currently live more than 400 donkeys. They are being provided with food, drinking water and medical care and have a lot of space and freedom.

Slave cabin and salt pans
Salt production for a long time has been the largest source of income for Bonaire. Already centuries ago basins were filled with seawater. The salt which remained after the evaporation of the water is up to now stored in the panning of the Pekelmeer. The salt crystals that remain are unique and of superior quality. At sunset the salt area with the salt pans shows beautiful colors. If you visit Bonaire, also dive into history and and be sure to visit the salt pans. In the 17th century along the coast the slaves spent the night in small houses made of white coral. The lighthouse that stands a little further, it is also worthwhile. You can climb it and then have a wonderful view over the island.

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