Divers Paradise Bonaire

For both novice and experienced divers, there are plenty of challenges to have a fantastic holiday in this diver’s paradise. Bonaire also is one of the best shore dive locations in the world! Just meters from the coast the underwater world is already beautiful. That makes Bonaire is also the best snorkelling destination.

Beautiful underwater world
Hundreds of dive sites marked with a yellow stone, crystal clear water with a tropical underwater world: turtles, dolphins, barracudas, fish in all colors of the rainbow, gorgeous coral … .Langs virtually the entire coastline you can dive. The coral reef in Bonaire is protected and divers from around the world come to Bonaire to witness this nature.

In addition to shore diving are very professional dive operators who offer boat and night dives. Soon a list of dive partners of Casa Trankilo where you can rent equipment and organize a dive trip.

Nature tag for divers
The whole underwater world of Bonaire is part of a protected marine park, under the supervision and management of the Stinapa foundation. This makes Bonaire is a diving paradise. To keep this, everyone that enjoys water sport at Bonaire, is required to pay a small amount for a ‘nature tag’ that benefits Stinapa. With this tag you also get a discount on the entry to Washington Slagbaai. In this national park you can enjoy nature,for example at Boca Slagbaai with a beautiful bay for sunbathing, snorkeling or diving.

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